Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Chicken or the Blog? Part VIII

And what’s behind door number three?  A new car, of course! 

The months that followed the Marans acquisition were uneventful in regards to our flock, but the extreme opposite in respect to my extremity.  I went from the blue cast to surgery, with a guarantee that I would not be driving my old trusty 4Runner for a good year, so we opted for a fully loaded hybrid automatic.  It was the only good thing, if you disregard the required monthly payments, that had happened to us in months. 

In the meantime, I was not adjusting well to relying on others.  I slowly slipped into a state of borderline OCD, one from which my husband and children had spent so many years pulling me.  The disorderly hanging of clean shirts in non-color-coordinated order without the decency of being arranged at least progressively by sleeve length and, worse, at times facing the wrong way, would see me undone.  How could anyone not understand my system?  The fine details of daily life seemed out of my control and instead of being grateful for the help at hand, I found myself huffing and puffing like a spoiled child, only I was gracious enough to do it in my head.  The shirts, the floors, the bathrooms, the pots and pans and just about anything not executed according to my specifications added to my frustration.

Thankfully, my equally obsessive mom came for the holidays, and I found comfort in the fact that someone found it completely reasonable to be bothered by such things.  Of course she, being a rational person like myself, caught on to my systems immediately!  Her visit seemed short, and though I faced my internal guilt for not having spent enough time with her, we enjoyed the holidays as a family greatly.  Before I knew it, I could drive my new automatic and my parents were off, leaving us to adjust to a hopefully less adventuresome New Year.

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