Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Interlude

We interrupt our scheduled programming to bring you this:

Happy Holidays to everyone!

In case anyone worried we might be letting too loose, I want to reassure everyone that we are still running a tight ship.  Plenty of time has been carved out for board games, the children are watching as many movies as possible, we are entertaining and being entertained, the chickens are getting along well and we have added to our flock, only this time in the form of African Gray Parrots residing in a cage the size of which would comfortably accommodate two of my children (giving me ideas for time outs) and stationed in our kitchen.  Thankfully, this mission expires in about ten days.


In the meantime, our new houseguests are waking us promptly at daybreak with greetings that range from alarm clock sounds and verbal “Good morning!  What’s going on?  Talk to me”, to whistling of various tunes and  familiar tones of bodily functions.  How can one ever feel lonely?

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