Monday, November 21, 2011

Postage Due

I had just returned from one of the infinite number of short trips that fragment my day into twenty-minute segments. Barely having pulled into my driveway, turned off the engine and stepped out of my car, I saw the USPS truck tucking itself neatly in parallel form just behind my vehicle. The postman rummaged through a few boxes and presented me with my correspondence, taking care to point out that there was postage due on a large white envelope. Regretfully, I did not happen to have the 44 cents necessary. Fortunately, the postman did have a miniature manilla envelope handy, upon which he inscribed “postage due 44¢"

The irony of the matter was that the envelope in question came from our financial adviser. It was definitely an accident, but I couldn't help thinking how ironic it all was. Financial adviser – big white envelope – postage due... are you following me? What made it funnier still is the fact that his office is right next to the local post office, and that he could have handed me the envelope and saved himself postage and me “postage due” anytime.

One question still lingers... Why does the USPS not return mail to senders anymore?

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble locating that miniature manilla envelope.

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